Our Story

Our story started in Cabrières. We were attracted to the quality of grapes in the vineyard but what was the secret? It must have had something to do with terroir. The arid conditions mean that the roots of the vine have to dig deeper to find water and nutrients. This enables the roots to develop an extensive root system making our vines stronger and the grapes they produce more complexity. The extinct volcano in the region created all kinds of interesting fossils and minerals for the vine to feed on. Hence ‘Lava & Magma’ from Saint Chinian.




Where are we?

We are situated in Languedoc Roussillon to Provence which is the world’s largest vineyard region. Bijou wines are made the entire length of this varied and intriguing area. Our wines stretch from the Pyrenees and Carcassonne in the west and north as far as Nîmes and the Var in the East.

Our Vineyards

Some of our vineyards are modern and well tended with modern trellising with up to date canopy management systems. Others are in dryland garrigue; bush vines planted 60 years ago with yields as low as 30 hl/ha.

The mix of topography and climate means we can produce wines of real regionality and as an expression of place.

Winemaking Partnerships

We have established winemaking partnerships right across the region.

These relationships have been forged for differing reasons but the guiding light has been a search to find the best quality.